Due to our expertise in developing highly durable, long-lasting tanks for the plating industry, we have the technology and experience to fabricate holding and processing tanks for a wide variety of chemical related applications.

Common applications include tanks for:

  • Industrial lubricants
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides

Not only do we utilize state-of-the-art plastic equipment such as Wegener Welding equipment, metal welding robots and 3D CNC milling machines, but we also use butt welding machines and high pressure extrusion welds to ensure that our tanks will withstand the test of time.

Case Study - Biosolid Holding Tank

Biosolid is nutrient-rich organic materials obtained from wastewater treatment and used beneficially, as for fertilizer. The application of biosolids to land improves soil properties and plant productivity, and reduces dependence on inorganic fertilizers.

While some water treatment plants simply make the sludge safe enough to dispose of, most facilities continue treatment so that the material can be put to good use in their communities. Once sludge is treated to meet EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) safety standards for beneficial use, the resulting nutrient-rich product is termed “biosolids.” These biosolids are used to enrich soil and reduce the need for harsh chemical fertilizers.

A small tank, (shown here) is needed to hold carbon scrubbing media for a discharge bay in a bio-solids facility. Others manufacture these with steel and cost more… this tank is cheaper than steel and is not susceptible to corrosion.


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