About BSI

About BSI

Despite humble means that included a small building and hand-held welding technology, Buchholz-Smith ventured into the world of plating equipment in 1988 determined to be successful.

After several years of working hard our business began to flourish and the 1990’s was a very busy decade. We had expanded from one small building to 3 large buildings. The turn of the century brought many more events, some good some bad. We updated and improved our welding capabilities with Wegener welding tools and technology and increased our labor force and pushed towards higher sales.

Times were good and then our country endured the attacks of 9-11. Just like the rest of the country we struggled to keep things going. Fortunately, we were able to make it through because of a good financial plan. About a year later businesses were recovering from 9-11 and we were welcoming all the work. Unfortunately in 2004 our corporation lost owner and office manager Tammy Smith. This altered the lives of everyone who worked for us and with us. Bobby Smith decided that he was ready to get out of the business and passed his and Tammy’s life work to their son Joey. In a matter of months, Joey and Renae Smith took the reigns and with Bobby’s advice continued the business with the same diligence and hard work.

Today, we are proud to serve customers all over the country and we will continue to support these customers while we also venture out into new opportunities.   Our ability to produce quality tanks, barrels and replacement parts for the plating industry has led to opportunities to expand into other markets that can benefit from our fabrication experience and capabilities. 

We thank our customers for placing their trust in us and look forward to a good future.


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