Plating Tanks

Plating Tanks


Typically, we build our tanks using 1” thick sheet material because using thicker material allows us to put bigger welds in all corners for more strength and eliminates warping!

Buchholz Smith features single stand-alone polypropylene plating tanks in any size for rack and barrel.  Provided with all necessary equipment for your plating needs. We also fabricate single, double and triple rinse tanks, drag-outs, acid and sump tanks.

If you have an existing tank that is leaking and is just to complex to remove from your production line, we can save you time and money by providing you with a “drop-in” rigid tank liner. All of our liners are fabricated using the latest Wegener plastic welding technology and equipment. We can assist you with all of your tank needs from polypropylene, PVC, CPVC and HDPE.


We recommend supporting our tanks on 16” centers. This is done to minimize warping on heated tanks or with heavy weight per volume solutions. Lack of adequate bottom support can substantially reduce the life of your entire tank line.


We design and build tanks with steel and plastic support around the sidewalls in order to eliminate flexing, and work stress on welds and joints extending the life of the tank.


Our tanks are butt welded in the corners and then extrusion welded making a complete seam through the plastic, this technique also provides an inside weld for extra support and strength. Reinforced Corners (corner plates) are standard for larger tank applications.

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