Why Choose BSI

Why Choose BSI


Plain and simple, we work with our customers to meet their specific needs.  Choosing from our round barrels or our polygon shaped barrels or our custom designed and fabricated tanks, we realize that every plating line is different and one size does not always fit all.  Although we have BSI signature designs, BSI has and continues to work with customers to make customized adjustments to our barrels and tanks to make the fit “hand in glove”.

The Lockjaw and Slidelock Door

The original designer of the Lockjaw and Slidelock door design – Others have imitated but never duplicated the original Lockjaw design that has set the industry standard for efficiency and ease of use on plating barrels

Extrusion Welding

Where our competitors cut corners and use inferior hand welds in the construction of tanks and barrels, at BSI, we use butt welding machines and high pressure extrusion welds as the standard for all our construction, as well as using geometric design and recessing to reinforce our barrels making our products more durable and resistant to damage.

Double Gear Configurations

At BSI we understand that time is money and when equipment is down from damage it costs our customers valuable time and money.  On all of our barrel designs we build in a contingency by making both ends of our barrel into a gear head.  If one side is damaged, the barrel can be used on the other side until a replacement can be ordered.

Unique Inside Out Bearing Design

Our inside out bearing design provides greater structural strength and helps to prevent bowing in the hanger arms on our barrels.  Other inferior designs over time weaken allowing for displacement, however our design supports on overall greater capacity for weight displacement and structural integrity.


With many manufacturers what you buy is what you get and once you buy there is no support for the product.  At BSI we are so confident in our designs and quality that we offer a warranty for our products and stand behind our workmanship.  Our goal is not simply to sell products but, to create long lasting partnerships with our customers to provide them with the absolute best in service and products for years to come.

Wide Range of Products and Services

At BSI offer a wide range of products and services.  With our state of the art machine shop, C&C Robotic Units, robotic welders, tanks, plating barrels, replacement parts and range of materials that include Polypropylene, Co-Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, Steel, Stainless Steel and more we can meet your needs.  From full plating line fabrication and installation to barrels, hoist systems, closed loop systems, platforms, catwalks and more, BSI has you covered!

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